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Friday, July 1, 2011

Russian Flick Spores Heading To The US

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Makisim Dyachuk's sci-fi horror Spores is currently set for a November 11, 2011 US release date. The film stars Natalia Rybjakova, Valery Kuzmenko, Oleg Burlakov, Elena Sherbakova, Nikolay Dubkov, Vladimir Kokin and Leonid Gusarov. Check out the synipsis, trailer and art below.


A group of youthful friends go out of town on an outing and stumble upon an old Soviet factory. The factory has been long abandoned and is derelict. It interests them, and they decide to explore and to document what they find. But their curiosity brings them face-to-face with unimaginable danger. It transpires that alien spores have come to Earth on a meteorite, and these spores quickly multiply and take on a monstrous form once they touch the ground. Who among the group of threatened humans will fight? Who will survive? And what will the ultimate outcome of this terror be for the planet?

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